Sunday, October 16, 2016

Understanding Solar Power Technology

Solar power technology is evolving at a great pace. With more research and production of photovoltaic cells, the cost of the cells is decreasing and they are gaining in efficiency. We will see that the earth will become greener and we will be able to get solar power through photovoltaic cells more efficiently with the passing and more research. Presently PV or Photovoltaic cells are bulky but with ongoing research the size is getting smaller, it is getting cheaper and more people are able to use solar power technology more efficiently.

Solar Power For generating Electricity

Generating electricity by solar energy is no doubt good for the environment as it does not have any contaminated wastes nor does it emit toxic products. Water is heated slowly by the PV panels installed on the roof, as it goes up through the roof and is back via the pipes.
With efficient research and advanced solar power technology, UnisSolar Company manufactures PV panels which convert extra radiation of the sun on bright days into power through PV converters on days with less sunshine. Real passive heat from the sun is used, other than solar radiation to charge photovoltaic cells.

Now consumers who have a complete PV system can attach it to the local electricity grid in a number of utility districts. Utility company actually pays the consumer for the extra energy which is produced by their system. It is beneficial for both the homeowner as well as the utility companies as the company doesn’t have to buy too much to buy from other energy sources and the homeowner can buy electricity during the cool and cloudy months, for which they have already been paid.

Who can Benefit from Solar Power

It is not only the small homes, apartments and condominiums who are benefiting from solar power technology. Wal-Mart has installed 100 MW solar power plants, which shows that even the big commercial companies can gain from the free energy generated by the sun’s rays. Another company which uses solar energy is Google, and they have also installed 1.6 MW solar power systems in their corporate headquarters. In fact this is very helpful as there is a large decrease of the use of non-renewable energy in the region when a commercial enterprise uses equipment run by solar power technology for their day to day activities.

Solar energy is being promoted by giving subsidies, tax relief and other incentives to people who use this form of energy in some countries like the US, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and some Asian companies. The price of energy equipment that uses solar power technology for harnessing and converting energy for all the users will go down with ongoing research and better solar power technology. It is a very important subject as this source is also very environmental friendly, which will help keep the earth green. We will be able to enjoy a better quality of life on the planet.

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